Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response Plan

'Advent' is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our customers and workers.  We have developed the following response plan to ensure that this is carried out.

We will continue to monitor and amend this plan is response to the latest public health and  government requirements.

Feedback is encouraged and welcomed on any concerns, issues and suggestions.

Masks and Visors

In line with public health requirements, masks or visors must be worn on entering the Shop and kept on during the time spent in the Shop.  This applies to everyone except those who cannot wear masks or visors for medical reasons.  


In the main entrance to the Shop we have signage detailing all the safety measures we have in place.  We have clear floor signs, some with arrows which encourage people the best direction in which they are best to move in.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is available in various locations around the Shop for Customers, Clients, Staff and team members to freely us.  On entering the Shop there is a clear sign encouraging all who enter to wash their hands before venturing further into the Shop

Counter Area

We have erected a vertical perspex screen to create a barrier between those behind the counter and those in front of it.  This creates safety for all.   We are encouraging contactless payments. The chip and pin machine will be sanitised at the end of every day.


We seek to keep all areas of the Shop (public and non public) clean and safe.  Door handles especially will be sanitised.  We are not encouraging, although not forbidding, public use of the toilet.  This has not been an issue to date. 

Social Distancing

Social distancing measures are in place in line with current guidance which is TWO METRES.  Signs are erected in the Shop clearly stating this.  The vast majority of the time there will just be 2 staff members working in the Shop at any one time.  Large groups are not encouraged.

Other Measures

Each staff member will be supplied with their own personal visor and gloves are freely available to staff on the counter.  Staff are given a copy of this document and each measure is explained to them.


We are asking that hands are kept sanitised when moving Foodbank boxes for clients and food and cash donations received.  Staff know that the new system of recording Clients information is safely kept filed away.  Foodbank boxes for Clients are kept in the side Prayer/Meeting Room although at present not behind the curtain as before.  There is a physical barrier and a  red “no entry” sign on the floor to discourage customers from entering this area without permission.  Food donations are kept here as well.  The room is however used for selected customers/team members who need to talk and pray.  We seek to ensure that paperwork sent from ‘Advent’ to the Foodbank headquarters in Barmouth is prepared with sanitised hands.  


If staff, customers, clients or team members or anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19 we ask you not to come to the Shop.  If you do develop any symptoms whilst in the Shop, we ask you to isolate yourself, call 111 and report this to us.  We thank you for all your help, support and co-operation.

Protecting customers, staff, clients, team members and helping everyone to feel at ease

Covid 19 POLICY.jpg
Wash Hands.jpg

These signs (above) are on the front window of the Shop, facing on to the High Street

The signs below are on the Shop floor inside and at various places throughout the Shop area for you information and safety

Wash Hands.jpg


For any enquiries, please contact:- 


40 High Street, Tywyn, Gwynedd, LL36 9AD

Tel:- 01654 712722

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